The Future of Freelancing in 2016

We’ve seen many changes to the state of work in 2015, which will only continue to grow in the new year.  Check out our predictions for the biggest trends in the nature of freelancing for 2016.


1.     The Freelance Workforce Continues to Grow

The freelance population experienced steady growth in 2015, and we expect to see more in the coming year.  More workers will elect to freelance by choice, and freelance projects will become easier to find, thanks to technology.


2.     Freelancer Rights Get Political

From New York City to the White House, freelancers have taken to the streets to proclaim “freelancing isn’t free” in support of a bill that would make non-payment a legislative issue.  As more and more individuals take up freelancing, these concerns will become a greater political sticking point. 


3.     Coworking Expands

As more workers transition to full-time freelancers, coworking spaces will see a subsequent boom.  The desire for communal spaces of like-minded individuals will contribute to the growth of coworking spaces beyond city centers.  Expect to see these spaces popping up in suburban areas too (just like HeadSpace!).


4.     Technology Becomes Crucial

Whether it comes to managing bill pay, invoicing clients, or keeping productivity high, technology is an integral component of freelance life.  That role will only grow in 2016, as digital connectivity makes it easier than ever to manage your freelance career.


What do you think will be the biggest change in 2016 when it comes to freelancing?  Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit:  Viktor Hanacek