5 Productivity and Organizational Apps Every Freelancer Needs in Their Toolkit

If there’s one thing freelancers need to perfect, it’s time management.  But you’re only human—distractions can sometimes get the better of you.  If you find yourself endlessly browsing Reddit or Facebook when you’re supposed to be working, it might be time to try out some of these handy productivity and organizational apps.

1.  Evernote

Devices:  iPhone, Android, tablet, Windows, Mac

There’s a reason Evernote appears on almost every list of top organizational apps.  This free app is king when it comes to note taking, and automatically saves your files to the cloud so that they can be synchronized across all of your devices.  Open up your iPhone, and you can access notes or files you created on your laptop.  Evernote also allows you to add handwritten notes, photos, and links to your files, keeping everything in one place.  A search function allows you to search all notes, including handwritten ones, to find information fast.

2. 24me

Devices:  iPhone, Android

You know you’ve got an important task you need to do today.  The only problem? You can’t remember what it was.  Never fear—24me is here to save even the most forgetful freelancer.  This app generates auto-reminders for the information you input, including calendar appointments, items on your to-do list, and notes.  You can connect 24me to services like your bank account, social networks, and other service providers so you never forget to pay another bill on time or wish someone a happy birthday.

3. Focus

Devices:  iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch

For those who have trouble with multitasking (and not getting much done), the Focus app is the solution for you.  Building on the Pomodoro Technique, this app helps you concentrate on a single task at a time, working in 25-minute increments until each item is complete. Focus also helps you manage the remaining tasks you have for the day and provides some analytics as to how productive you’ve been. The great thing about this app is that it works across a variety of devices, so you can stay focused no matter where you’re working.

4. FullContact Card Reader

Devices:  iPhone

Gone are the days of keeping up with a multitude of paper business cards.  FullContact is a handy iPhone app that allows you to scan business cards and convert that information into an iPhone contact.  FullContact is a great way to make use of those networking contacts that might otherwise languish at the bottom of your bag or end up in the trash.

5. Toggl

Devices: iPhone, Android, tablets, Mac, Windows

For freelancers who bill by the hour, tracking time by hand can be a chore.  Toggl is a one-click app and Google Chrome plug-in built to track the time you spend on a job for easier billing.  You can either click the Toggl button to begin tracking, or if you forget, you can enter your time later.  It also works across devices—hit the Toggl button on your phone, and the timer will start on your computer too.  Toggl comes with unlimited projects and clients, as well as color-coding capabilities to easily distinguish between jobs.  The Freelance Effect provides a useful in-depth review for those curious to see how the app looks in action.

Have you tried any productivity apps?  Which are your favorite?

Image by Viktor Hanacek