7 Great Resources for Freelancers

Freelancing is a constant learning process.  Before the advent of the digital age, it could also be a very lonely one.  But these days, there are plenty of great online resources for freelancers that make things much easier, with information on everything from pricing to SEO to gaining clients.  Take a look at some of our top picks below.

1. The Freelancer from Contently

Formerly known as The Freelance Strategist, this blog is one every freelancer should bookmark.  With helpful articles on everything from managing your finances to healthcare as a freelancer, there is plenty of useful content to take in.  Their weekly “Ask a Freelancer” column is a great way to get answers to real questions posed by other freelancers across the web

2. Work Awesome

“Work Better.  Live Better.”  That’s the motto of Work Awesome, a website dedicated to building a happier and healthier workforce.  Tips and tricks on productivity, happiness with your job, and time management are just some of the topics Work Awesome covers.  Check out their “Freelance” tag for more freelancer-specific content. 

3. Freelancers Union Blog

Run by the founders of the Freelancers Union, this blog is packed with helpful information.  Blog posts are contributed by freelancers from all over the country, and offer tips for both those that are new to the freelance arena and those that are old hats.  A wealth of material across a broad range of topics makes this site a must for any freelancer.

4. allBusiness

A great resource for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike, allBusiness is a great site for all things small business marketing related.  This site’s articles on social media and SEO in particular are very useful for freelancers who may not be current with the latest digital trends.

5. Quip

For those who don't want to go the Evernote route, Quip is a great alternative for digital note-taking and document sharing.  You can share with others or keep your documents private, and they're also searchable (a handy bonus!).  

6. Fast Company

A staple for anyone working in a creative field, Fast Company is a great source of inspiration, showcasing the latest in design, technology, and the working world.

7. Tuts+

Offering a wealth of free online tutorials on everything from design and illustration to photo and video skills, Tuts+ is a great way to learn something new in your down time. The site also offers access to more than 500 online courses that can help you learn a variety of skills.  Courses can be bought individually or you can access all courses for just $15 a month.     

What are you favorite freelancing resources?  Let us know in the comments!


Photo credit:  Viktor Hanacek