North Dallas Entrepreneur Reuben Miller Aims to Transform Fitness

We’ve all seen them – the people on Instagram shilling magical “flat tummy tea,” the workout routines that value speed over proper form, the infomercials that claim that their patented meal program is guaranteed to help you lose weight.  The plethora of fad diets and exercises on the market have plagued the fitness industry for years, but HeadSpace member Reuben Miller wants to change that. 

 Miller, along with his partner Dr. Shane Hernandez, set out to create a multi-purpose tool that would bring users a more balanced approach to fitness.  Thus, the Circ-It was born.  The handy, modular piece of equipment comes with enough features to create a high-intensity workout, no matter where you are.  We sat down with Miller to learn more about the Circ-It’s creation. 

How did the idea for the Circ-It come about?

It started as a sketch on an airplane, and I then decided that I wanted to run with it. So I filed a provisional patent application on my own. I then mentioned the idea to Shane during a PT session. We decided that we liked it enough to iterate and go after it. Our next step was to find a string engineering and industrial design team that we could collaborate with to see this thing to fruition. We found Invent Design Make from a friend referral. Shane and I then began developing the app along with a group of coders called Infolytix.

 What was your biggest lesson in developing a product from start to finish?

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and try like heck to find the right partner(s) and the right staff, no matter how small the group is. And never, ever start a KickStarter campaign from the ER of a hospital!  We were at Children's Medical for my two-year-old for a week. I, of course, couldn't focus on anything during that time except for my son. Murphy's Law for sure!

What’s your favorite way to use the Circ-It?

I love using Circ-It as a supplementary tool in the gym. I'll use the rope in between a bench press or back exercise. Then I'll hit abs from all angles with the dual roller, followed by cardio. I basically use it to add a dash of intense "spice" in my routines.

To learn more about the Circ-It and donate to the campaign, check out Miller's Kickstarter.