Who Run the World? Female Entrepreneurs: Part 2


Last month we brought you the first installment of our female member series.  While women-led businesses continue to grow in numbers, it can still seem like a lonely place, especially in male-dominated industries.  We spoke with Jennifer Schaumberg, an employee of Fuse Solutions, to find out her experiences with coworking and small business life.


Tell me a little about your company.  When was it founded?  What is its mission? 

Fuse Solutions is a niche consulting practice serving corporate customers.  Along with expert industry alliances, our focus is security and compliance, simplified.  Fuse launched in 2014.  Our mission is to be a catalyst and bridge the gap for vendor accountability in the marketplace.  Simplify and enable access controlled information and standard procedures across enterprise operations and their supplier base. 


How does it factor into the rest of the Dallas startup landscape?

We are unique to the market in what we do, which we believe compliments the business mixture of products and services.  The startup community does have compelling commonalties - we are energetic, creative, innovative and fearless.  Fuse Solutions fits right in. 


What does your company hope to accomplish in Dallas?

Fuse Solutions is proud to be a Dallas, TX based company.  We are eager to contribute to the flourishing startup landscape and the North Texas brand innovation that happens here. 


What makes a coworking space the right fit for your company?

Affordability, portability and a professional setting that is not generic.  Headspace definitely raised the bar for us when we started searching.


What have you enjoyed most about working in HeadSpace?

The peer-to-peer engagement is remarkable.  What starts as a passing hello, turns into talking, lunch, and friendships.  We enjoy our smart and striking shared space and the people who bring it to life.


What’s the hardest part about being a female entrepreneur?  What’s the best part?

Hardest is demonstrating reliability and credibility in a multi-cultural, global market.  The easiest is when given the opportunity to exhibit our approach, we consistently hear, “That’s it!” or “That is what I need!”  Each time I hear that, our team is ready to work even harder.



If you’d like to learn more about HeadSpace Dallas, schedule a tour with us today.