Guilt-Free Vacationing for Freelancers

Ahh, summer is here. You might find yourself dreaming of a chair on the beach, a good book, and a nice margarita. But unfortunately, piles of freelance work are calling your name.  If you feel like you can’t take a vacation due to your business, good news—you definitely can!  Here are some things to do before you jet off to the nearest hammock.

1)     Schedule in Advance

Letting your clients know when you’re leaving well in advance will help you enjoy a little peace of mind.  Make sure they have an understanding of your availability and if you will be working at all during your trip.  Clients will appreciate the transparency, and will refrain from making last-minute requests while you’re away. 

2)     Automate Where Possible

Tweets, statuses, blog posts, photos—there’s no need to constantly update things live during your vacation (unless it’s for your own enjoyment, of course).  There are plenty of options for scheduling social media content ahead of time, like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Edgar, to name a few.  These handy tools let you include links, photos, etc. and make it easy to keep your social channels well-stocked with content. 

3)     Work Ahead of Time

Get as much of your work done ahead of time as possible.  If you know you’ve got deadlines approaching (and be honest, when is there NOT a looming deadline?), try to knock those projects out before you go.  Even if you can’t get things finished 100%, tackling the bulk of the work in advance will free you up to enjoy your time away from home.  

4)     Set Limits

If you can’t manage to disconnect completely during your vacation, set parameters around the time when you will work.  Giving yourself a timeframe in which to complete tasks or a specific time of day can keep your projects from overtaking your relaxation time.

 5)     Address Your Return Schedule

If the prospect of lots of projects once you get back has you wishing you could stay on vacation forever, don’t panic.  Before you go, figure out what needs to be tackled first once you return.  Once you have a plan in place for what your post-trip week looks like, it’ll be much easier to take a step back and enjoy your time off.


Do you have any tips and tricks for making the most of your vacation?  Share with us in the comments below!