Collaborate Your Way to Great: the Advantages of Working Together as a Freelancer

Freelancing and entrepreneurship have earned a “lone wolf” image that can, unfortunately, do more harm than good to your wellbeing.  Working for yourself doesn’t have to entail years spent struggling alone to make your business ideas a reality.  In fact, collaborating with other like-minded creative individuals can often benefit your bottom line.  Check out the top reasons for putting your heads together below: 

1.     Different Skillsets

Just as you wouldn’t expect someone at a traditional company to write code, perform accounting functions, AND sell a product into stores, entrepreneurs shouldn’t be expected to do it all.  Everyone has a specialty, and outsourcing tasks that aren’t your strong suit can give you more time to devote to the work you do best, as well as bring your collaborators’ skillsets to the table. 

2.     Grow Your Current Business

Two heads are better than one, or in this case, two professional networks.  When you collaborate with other creatives, you also have access to their business contacts.  Make use of their network when it comes to marketing your small business, and foster other potential collaborative partners.  You never know what new venture could arise as a result! 

3.     Start a Side Business

To that end, who says you need to make the sole focus of your collaboration efforts your current gig?  Take the opportunity to explore a side project or business.  Always had a passion for handmade lotions?  Taking pet portraits?  Whatever thrills you, chances are there is someone out there who is just as eager to lend their expertise to your project.  And generating a little extra income never hurt either!


Working together with other freelancers and entrepreneurs is a great way to keep your business ideas fresh and free you up to play to your strengths.  HeadSpace Dallas provides a comfortable environment to meet other creatives who might have something to offer your business.  Our FreestyleSpace membership is perfect for collaboration, with open-desk seating to accommodate a variety of work styles, as well as amenities like free Wi-Fi, 24/7 access to the space, gourmet coffee and snacks, and more.  Contact us today to schedule a tour and see for yourself!