Who Runs the World? Female Entrepreneurs: Part 1

Freelancing or heading up your own business is a challenge at the best of times, especially for female entrepreneurs.  According to the 2012 U.S. Census, women-owned businesses grew by 28% over 2007, and that number is only expected to increase.  We sat down with some of our female members to pick their brains about their own non-traditional working experience.  In the first of this series, we’ll introduce you to Lisa Levy, an entrepreneur working with Yuan Harng Co, LTD.


Tell me a little about your company.  When was it founded?  What is its mission?

Yuan Harng is a Taiwanese-based manufacturing company that specializes in flexible plastic tubes for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products. We were founded in 1982 by Robert Lin, who engineered capital equipment for tubes, and still does.

Our mission is to partner with brands that don't just want any container, but want a preeminent tube that communicates the DNA of the brand.   We combine projected buyer behavior, societal touchstones, and coming trends to create new tubes and applicators for our brands. We also stay ahead by constantly looking for new processes and materials. Creativity is key!  


How does it factor into the rest of the Dallas startup landscape?

We aren't a startup, but Yuang Harng hiring a field westerner like me is pretty new. I feel like my own startup here in the US, as I'm responsible for growing this market along with my boss, Rin Lin, in New York. We are tangentially changing a long-standing business model. Traditionally, brands or marketers have gone to brokers or middlemen state-side that are component generalists to work on projects. This process increases project time length and cost, and communication miscues.  Now US customers can come to a tube specialist, with a company that works 24/7, (we do!) and cut out extra time and cost.


What does your company hope to accomplish in Dallas?

We will compete with existing typically 'one-stop' packaging and componentry companies, many of whom I admire tremendously. But we are specialists, and we aim to change how brands select their tube supplier. Not just in Texas, but across North America. We are faster and have the best tubes at a truly great cost.


What makes a coworking space the right fit for your company?

Coworking at HeadSpace Dallas will be the difference between success and failure for me. I personally find it difficult to work productively at home. The distractions are endless for an ADD person like me! I like having a dedicated space to enhance my focus.


What have you enjoyed most about working in HeadSpace?

HeadSpace, may I say, has blown my mind. Corny joke. I love the relaxing modern feel of the environment. The various desks and seating areas I can move to as I go about my day are all incredibly inviting. Headspace is plug and play, and has absolutely everything I need to be successful.  The location is superb, near the toll road in a gorgeous building. Just down the road is Katie Jackson park, for a lunchtime trail run. Restaurants and a library nearby, plus the super nice people at Launch Agency and my Headspace colleagues - perfection.


What’s the hardest part about being a female entrepreneur?  What’s the best part?

You ask what the hardest part of being a female entrepreneur is...I'm going to turn that question sideways. In my industry, female entrepreneurs are typically well-put-together, fashionable, makeup-loving cosmetic experts.  Me? I'm the gal with the Nike shorts that spends most of my spare change at Academy. Getting my head into the intricacies (and there are plenty) of makeup, techniques, and applicators takes a bit of a gear shift for me. But I've been in the industry 25 years, so apparently it's working! And I find manufacturing fascinating – tubes especially. The best part of what I'm doing with Yuan Harng? Charting new territory. I always love an adventure.


Make sure to give Lisa a warm welcome, and check back here next month for our next female member profile.