New Year’s Resolutions Freelancers Should Make

The new year is here, and while many have resolved to hit the gym more often or eat fewer bags of chips, now is a great time to give yourself a leg up when it comes to your freelance business.  If you’re stuck on where to start, no worries – we have come up with three resolutions you can actually keep.


Learn a New Skill

Learning definitely doesn’t stop once you graduate:  there’s always more to learn, especially as technology evolves and the role it plays in business changes.  If you’ve been wanting to increase your entrepreneurial arsenal, there’s no better time to start. 

Check out a service like Coursera, which provides online courses from accredited institutions on everything from Python to data science.  Is design more your speed?  Envatotuts+ offers courses on topics like web design and coding, as well as a multitude of how-to tutorials.  There are plenty of other educational resources out there (we have a whole bunch of 'em here), so set some time aside to research your options.


Read More

And we’re not talking blog posts!  While blogs are great, sometimes you can’t beat sitting down with a book.  Reading actually comes with a number of benefits:  research has shown that those who read fiction and get engrossed in the story actually become more empathetic people.  Regular reading is also beneficial for your memory, helping your brain function properly for longer.

 And of course, reading helps you form new ideas and expand your worldview.  If you truly can't find time to pick up a book, try reading a little before bed each night.  It helps reduce stress, preparing you for sleep.


Conquer Networking

We can generally agree – networking kind of sucks.  Unless you’re the special unicorn among us who enjoys selling yourself to strangers, traditional networking can be an uncomfortable affair.  Luckily, industry events are no longer your only option for meeting fellow freelancers. 

Make use of things like coworking spaces to meet people more organically.  A bonus – those spaces often hold events themselves, which makes it easier to both get to know your fellow coworkers and other entrepreneurs in the area. 

Local Meetups also present a more relaxed alternative to formal networking and often involve fun activities.  And of course, never underestimate the connective powers of social media.