How Companies Can Use Coworking Spaces

Coworking isn’t just for freelancers anymore – in fact, many businesses, from large corporations to smaller companies, are getting in on the action.  There are several ways companies can utilize these spaces to foster more creativity and support employees.


Host Off-Site Meetings

Probably the easiest and most common way that companies can take advantage of coworking spaces is by using them to host off-site meetings. Coworking spaces often have meeting rooms on offer that include A/V equipment and access to other amenities, an alternative to the more expensive conference rooms of hotels.


House Satellite Office Space

Many companies already use coworking spaces as a place to house satellite offices.  HeadSpace Dallas member Tune, for example, is headquartered in Seattle but has other offices worldwide, including the branch here in North Dallas.  Coworking spaces often offer less expensive office space than traditional office buildings, which is attractive for companies.  Again, the amenities available in coworking spaces also serve to sweeten the deal (because who doesn’t like free coffee?) and help cut down on costs.


Allow for Collaboration

It’s difficult to collaborate when you work remotely from your couch.  Coworking spaces allow remote employees direct access to other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers.  Even better, remote teams in the same location can use these spaces to meet up and collaborate more easily, too. And we could all use a little help sometimes.


Promote Innovation & Creative Thinking

A shift in the traditional office structure is taking place, and with that, how we innovate is also changing.  The atmosphere in a coworking space can be much different from that of a regular office, and can help members think outside the box.  Elements of this free-form structure could also be added to companies’ internal operations, changing the way they operate overall.


As more people seek positions that allow them some flexibility, the corporate use of coworking to accommodate different work styles will continue to grow.  Many companies could benefit from allowing remote employees more collaborative accommodations.  We’ll be watching what occurs in the coworking industry in the years to come.