5 Myths About Coworking Spaces

“Coworking?  Yeah no thanks, my home office works just fine.”  Who’s heard this one before?  While coworking spaces are still relatively new in the public consciousness, they already come with some stereotypes attached.  We’re here to bust those myths and set the record straight.


1)     It’s distracting

Concentration is definitely essential to any good workday, but who says coworking spaces are any more distracting than your home office?  By getting out of the house, you’ll be less tempted to stop your projects to clean out your pantry or take a Starbucks run.  Open desk seating not your style?  Other coworking membership options, including dedicated desk, partitioned desk, and small private office space, are available for those who need a little extra quiet.  Meeting rooms also make a great place to have some privacy and take that important phone call.


2)     It’s only for freelancers

As you learned in our last blog, many companies are getting in on the coworking action and taking advantage of all the spaces have to offer.  Using coworking spaces allows for remote teams to collaborate and can often inspire new creative thinking.  It also provides startups and small businesses with a more affordable alternative to traditional office space. 


3)     It’s expensive

There is truly a coworking space for every budget. When considering cost, make sure to factor in the amenities available as well.  Coworking spaces often offer other benefits to members that can offset some of the membership costs, such as free on-site parking, guest passes, free Wi-Fi, and more.


4)     The only coworking spaces are downtown

Clearly that’s not the case!  We’re seeing new coworking spaces popping up in the ‘burbs frequently, all catering to hyper-specific geographic locations.  And with new research that shows that coworking members want a 20-minutes-or-less commute, it’s important to find a space that both fits your work style and is close to home.


5)     Only creative types thrive in coworking spaces

The beauty of coworking is the wide range of industries it can benefit.  From IT to consulting to real estate, we have members of all kinds who find a coworking space useful.  A varied membership base opens up a world of collaboration and outsourcing opportunities that you might not find at a coffee shop.


Give your business a boost and step out of the home office.  Your time at a coworking space just might surprise you.