Finance Apps That Help You Save Money Without Really Trying

Yes, we’re about to get into money talk (cringe), but bear with us - saving money, as unglamorous as it may be, is essential for freelancers and entrepreneurs.  You can never predict when you’ll hit a slow work period and the amount of money coming in isn’t quite what you hoped.  Having savings built up for times like these, as well as for any emergencies or big life events, can help alleviate some of that stress.  We’ve found some good tools that make it easy to save without trying too hard.


Mint – For the Super Tracker

Mint is a great all-in-one personal finance app that allows you to track income and expenditures across multiple categories.  Set budgets for your monthly mortgage/rent, utilities, food, entertainment, shopping, etc. costs, and use those to determine your savings goals.  Do you invest?  You can also track your portfolio in-app and get helpful investing advice.  If you like, you can even pay your bills within the app.


Digit – For the Truly Hands-Off

Don’t even want to think about budgeting?  We don’t really blame you.  Digit is the perfect option for you.  Connect your bank account, and Digit will move some of your money to Digit savings account every day if you can afford it (with overdraft protection to boot).  You can also text Digit whenever you need money transferred from savings to your checking with unlimited transfers.  Not too shabby for something you don’t need to think about!


Ibotta – For the Frequent Shopper

You’re already grocery shopping – why not save some money on what you already buy?  Ibotta gives you cash back rebates on purchases at major grocers, drug stores, big box retailers like Target, and more.  Just look in the app for rebates on things you’re going to buy, scan the item’s barcode once you purchase, and take a picture of your receipt.  Voilà, cash back.


Qapital – For the ITTT Fan

If the idea of saving money based on thousands of “if this, then that” triggers sounds appealing, Qapital is the app for you.  The app lets you connect activities in other apps, like using a certain hashtag or meeting fitness goals, to savings.  Want to automatically deduct a set amount of money toward savings every month?  Qapital can do that too.  How about round up your change to your savings?  Got it covered.  The app will also let you set a spending cap for certain categories, and if you underspend, Qapital adds the remainder to your savings.  Pretty nifty, huh?


Do you have a favorite savings app or method not listed here?  Let us know and we can add it to the list!