Why Should You Outsource as a Freelancer?

You’ve made it this far in your professional life without outsourcing, right?  Surely you can continue to win great clients and produce high-quality work, all while managing the administrative side of your business AND maintaining your social life?  Yes, while you might be tempted to try and do it all, it can actually lead to less productive workdays and longer hours.  The great thing about today’s digital environment is that it makes it easier than ever to connect with talent that can help you advance your business and free you up to do more important tasks. Check out a few benefits of outsourcing below:


Frees Your Time

As much as we'd like there to be more hours in a day, that's sadly not the case.  Freelancers already put in some pretty long hours - a recent survey found that over 40% of freelancers worked between 41-50 hours a week.  In order to make the most of your time (and maybe even make your work week shorter), you have to prioritize.

How much time do you spend tending to the administrative aspects of your business?  Things like processing invoices and managing employee benefits are definitely important, but is that the best use of your time?  According to one study, the second biggest time suck for entrepreneurs is administration.  Want to work less hours overall and spend them more effectively?  Outsource these tasks and focus on the work you actually want to be doing.


You Lack Expertise

It’s okay to admit it – you’re not an expert on everything.  And because you’re not necessarily a social media marketing guru, why should you try and manage that work yourself?  Outsourcing specific functions of your freelance business, such as email marketing or graphic design, can help you get the best talent for the job and improve your attractiveness to potential clients.


It Makes You Agile

In order to stay competitive with larger companies and corporations, you’ve got to fully embrace one thing:  adaptability.  As a small business owner, you’ve got the ability to roll with the punches and pivot rapidly in response to consumer desires. Outsourcing gives you the power to quickly augment aspects of your business that aren’t working and ramp up those that are, all the while letting you hone in on your true strategic business objectives.


Where to find help

Okay, so you're totally on board with outsourcing, but where do you find those fellow freelancers to help?  It's time to hit the job boards.  Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and FreeeUp are a great place to begin your search, and it doesn't hurt to work your professional network either.  Putting out the call on LinkedIn or mentioning your need to a contact can help make the process a little easier.

You may be worried about the quality of the freelancers you'll find.  How can you guarantee they'll do the work as well as you would?  It can be a scary thought!  But here's the thing:  there will be good and bad freelancers everywhere you look.  If you are really stressed about it, then hiring someone through a professional contact would probably be a better option for you, as they'll come with the recommendation of someone you know.


Entrepreneurship and freelancing can greatly benefit from the flexibility and higher quality of work that outsourcing can provide.  Have you tried outsourcing before?  What are your tips?