Class is in Session: Continued Education for Freelancers

While you may not have a locker combo or backpack full of textbooks anymore, there’s no reason why you can’t continue your education once you’re a full-time freelancer.  In fact, learning new skills and adapting to the changing work landscape is crucial if you want to maintain a long (and successful) career.  We’ve outlined some great ways to keep the learning going below:


1)    Join Associations

If you’re not sure where to start your educational journey, joining a freelancer association can help.  The Texas Freelance Association provides you with a support network of other freelancers, as well as access to education resources.  Stay up-to-date on local industry events through the association as well, which are a great way to get in touch with fellow entrepreneurs.  If you’re not a Texan (we forgive you), there’s also the Freelancer’s Union, which offers a wealth of helpful blog content (for free!), in addition to the big essentials like health and dental insurance.


2)    Take Online Courses

Getting another degree isn’t the only way to improve your skillset.  If you’re a creative entrepreneur (or would like to expand your knowledge base), there are plenty of online resources at your disposal.  Check out Envato Tuts+, which offers classes on everything from code to web design to Freelance Bootcamp, all for $15 a month.  Are you a visual learner?  Udemy’s video courses on all sorts of subjects in the business and marketing fields are for you.  And of course, there are many more online tools out there for freelancers.  Whatever you want to learn, there’s probably an online course for it!


3)    Attend Meetups/Lectures/Industry Events

The best source of hands-on learning for freelancers?  Your peers!  Attending Meetups or industry events is a great way to talk with the people who know your field best. Your area’s coworking spaces (like HeadSpace Dallas!) most likely host meetings that are a good way to mix and mingle.  Don’t be afraid to get out there because you just might find a mentor in the process.


The biggest piece of advice we can give you, dear reader, is to never stop learning, and we hope that these tips are helpful in getting you on the right track.  Do you have any particular resources you use for continued education?  We’d love to hear them – leave us a comment!