The Future of Dallas Coworking

The Dallas coworking scene has blossomed in recent years, with spaces cropping up downtown, in North Dallas, and almost everywhere in between.  But what’s on the horizon for coworking spaces in Dallas?  Check out our predictions:


1)     Spaces for Every Audience

Coworking’s actually been around a lot longer than you’d think – since 1999, to be precise.  What started as a way for computer hackers to work together has grown to encompass all types of work, from IT professionals to marketers to realtors, and spaces have adapted to follow suit. 

Dallas has grown into a startup hub in recent years.  Capital Factory, a fixture in the Austin entrepreneurial landscape, opened a Dallas branch in early 2018, promising to bring together other major Texas metros and boost local startups in the process. As coworking becomes more popular and the number of freelancers and entrepreneurs in Dallas continue to rise, more spaces will open that cater to specific professions.  Existing spaces will also learn to reach out to these groups and provide more options that appeal to entrepreneurs across professions. 


2)     Moving to the ‘Burbs

Just because you freelance doesn’t mean you want a long commute any more than a regular office worker.  While coworking once meant you had to drive all the way downtown to work, there are now spaces like ours popping up across the Dallas suburbs. 

Going forward, coworking spaces will become invaluable assets to local cities.  They’ll become places where entrepreneurs can get access to resources and gain a sense of community, and places where people can come to learn and share their knowledge.


3)     More Amenities on Offer

Whether it’s free parking, 24/7 access, regular mentoring sessions, or a fully stocked kitchen, coworking spaces in Dallas are offering more amenities in order to attract new members.  But it’s not just the amenities that make a difference – it’s also the look and feel of the space itself. 

Well-designed spaces will become ever more important, as freelancers want to work somewhere that is both aesthetically pleasing and allows for concentration.  The layout of the space is also key.  Areas that foster both collaborative work and give some privacy help freelancers get the best of both worlds when it comes to working outside the home.


We’re excited to see what the future holds for coworking here in the Big D, and we hope to be on the forefront!