Where to Host a Team Building Event or Meeting in Dallas

Whether taking out the team or enjoying a day with clients, there’s plenty of places to host a team building event or meeting that are sure to be a hit amongst your guests. Reap the benefits of team building by choosing an outing that will foster group connections and spark creativity. Build bridges to new beginnings by holding memorable meetings that are unique, effective, and genuinely enjoyable for attendees. And most importantly, catalyze authentic relationships with employees or new clients by treating them to a new experience with positive vibes.


Benefits of team building

The concept of team building is underrated, considering how effective it can actually be. One Forbes article argues that team building is one of the components of collaboration that is worth the money. The importance of having fun with employees can improve productivity, and letting that fun filter into the office is key.

Engaging in new and creative ways to have fun is a major component of ensuring enjoyment for all who attend. Instead of bringing cookies to the office and playing games, take the show on the road. Do something that will get people out of their comfort zone, make them laugh, and foster authentic and positive connections. From painting to rock climbing, the activities below are just some of the ways you can bring employees together.


Painting with a Twist

Make “fun art, not fine art” with your team at Painting with a Twist. The BYOB painting studio provides step-by-step instruction that can turn anyone into an artist. Sip a glass of wine and let go of seriousness for an evening with your team. You can even turn this outing into a private party for up to 48 people.


Sandy Lake Amusement Park

Sandy Lake Amusement Park offers a wide range of activities to choose from. Mini-golf, arcade games, rides, and paddle boats are just a few of the notable features that you and your team can experience on an afternoon outing. Enjoy a more relaxing option by reserving a pavilion for a nice afternoon picnic.


Summit Rock Climbing Gym

Embrace a day of fun and encouragement at Summit Rock Climbing Gym. Whether you are experienced or a newbie, rock climbing is a great way for employees to help each other solve climbing problems and celebrate accomplishments.


Group Dynamix

Group Dynamix is a center that is entirely dedicated to teamwork. Its own group of “teamologists” provide some tips and exercises in a team building session. Groups of all sizes are welcome at Group Dynamix, as they can accommodate up to 600 people. The “Team Lab” and the “Team Challenge” programs offer opportunities to improve communication skills, build off each other’s strengths, and create mutual trust.  


Meeting spaces for every style

Whether you are holding a meeting for a small team or a larger group, there are plenty of spaces to choose from to accommodate your needs. Meetings are a great source of new ideas and new connections among coworkers. Meetings encourage collaboration and help team members focus on unified goals. This ensures consistency and improves communication throughout the company. Whether you’re holding presentations, meeting up with a client, taking a small group to dinner, or bringing together your large company, there are many meeting spaces throughout the Dallas area that will work for you.


Casual coffee

If you’re looking to have a quiet meeting with a small group or an individual client, head over to 84 Point Craft Coffee in Addison. This coffee shop serves only the best specialty coffee, and features delicious baked goods. The spacious environment feels open and airy while the baristas are friendly and knowledgeable.


Rent a meeting space

Hold a meeting at Headspace Dallas and rent one of the meeting rooms they offer. One large meeting space and two medium meeting spaces will meet any of your technology or seating arrangement needs. With reasonable rental prices and easy access, they make hosting clients or a brainstorming session easy.


Treat to dinner

Spend a night out on the town with clients or a core team and enjoy a delectable dinner in style at Capital Grille. The restaurant boasts fantastic entrees and drinks in an upscale setting. If you’re looking to wow a client, this is the spot to choose. Whether you want a salad, fish, or steak, Capital Grille has you covered. Save room for dessert and have a sweet ending to a night of making professional connections.


Did we miss anything?  

If you have had any memorable meetings or team building experiences in the Dallas area, let us know!


Vijay Mehra is the founder of Journey Coworking in Austin, TX and creator of Think Tech Labs, an Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies winner.