Why Coworking Space Meeting Rooms Beat the Hotel Competition

If you’ve ever planned a meeting for your business, you know that there are many aspects that can impact your meeting’s success, including the very space in which you meet.  Finding the perfect location that will ensure you have a productive working session is no easy task.  A state-of-the-art conference room can add some credibility to your operations and impress your clients, but a meeting room in a hotel comes with a lot of strings attached.  Luckily, coworking spaces offer some distinct advantages versus hotels when it comes to meeting space.


1)   Affordability

This is obviously a huge factor when choosing a meeting room, and you’ll need to know whether things like Wi-Fi and A/V equipment are included in the rental price.  Whereas hotels often charge an additional fee or tax for access to these necessities, many coworking space conference rooms include them in the base rental cost.  Catering is also a concern for meeting planners, and the limitations with hotel catering options may leave your attendees with a bad taste in their mouths (pardon the pun). Never fear – you’re not limited to any one catering service with a coworking space.  This gives you the freedom to find something that suits your budget (and everyone’s taste).

2)   Personal Attention

Want a more personalized approach to your meeting?  Unfortunately, many hotels have fewer staff members dedicated to ensuring meetings run smoothly as their primary concern is with overnight hotel guests.  Coworking spaces, on the other hand, have on-site staff who are able to help with any last-minute requests or work through technical issues with you.  If you have a need, they’ll be able to handle it and keep your meeting on-schedule. This personalized attention can contribute to the success of the meeting and help put your clients at ease as well.

3)   Easy to Reserve

For anyone who has booked a meeting with a hotel before, you know how much of a process it can be.  They usually require that you talk to several people to actually schedule anything, making it a hassle to even get your meeting on the books.  Coworking spaces allow for easy reservation of a conference room through the use of booking software, often with just the click of a button, leaving you to focus on the meeting itself.

4)   Easy to Find

Let’s face it – contending with downtown traffic is a hassle, especially for clients who may be unfamiliar with the city.  A centrally located coworking space can make arriving at your meeting much easier.  And what if the hotel you’ve booked for your meeting also has a large conference or event going on at the same time?  It will be a struggle just to find parking and the meeting room.  Coworking spaces have the added advantage of no competing events and free parking, so you can focus on a productive meeting, rather than battling for a parking spot.

5)   Attractive Surroundings

Hotel meeting rooms typically aren’t the most glamorous or inspiring spaces. For a space that pops AND impresses clients, a coworking space meeting room is the way to go. They’re filled with design details (and natural light) that are sure to get creative juices flowing. If you’ve ever sat in a boring conference room all day, you’ll understand how refreshing that can be.