What to Look for on Your Coworking Space Tour

If you’re ready to check out coworking for yourself, a great first step is arranging some coworking space tours to see what your local spaces have on offer.  A tour is your chance to get a sense of whether a space will have the type of working environment and atmosphere you need to stay productive.  Here are a few things to look for when taking a coworking space tour to make sure you find the right space for you.



A well-kept and professional environment may be important to you when looking for a coworking space, especially if you plan on hosting clients there in the future.  When taking your coworking space tours, take a look at your surroundings.  Are there things in disrepair that stick out to you?  Are the desks and furniture clean and well maintained?  The conditions you find inside may be a reflection of how the space is run, and surroundings that show a lack of care aren’t the path toward impressing clients.



What is the environment like in each coworking space?  For some, a space with background noise and conversation is best for getting to work, while for others, a quieter atmosphere is needed.  Do the people seem to be friendly with each other or are they concentrating on the task at hand?  Depending upon your work style and preferences, you may prefer one type of environment over the other.


Privacy and Space

Of course, no coworking space will be a good fit for you unless it has the privacy and space you need to get the job done.  Many coworking spaces offer various types of membership options, from hot desks to semi-private dedicated desks to startup and private offices.   When taking your tour, you can get a better sense of what each option looks like and see what the space caters to, whether that be hot desks or more private office options.  Does the coworking space have the type of membership you need available now, or is there a waitlist?  Would this align with how soon you need to move in? 



The amenities a coworking space provides can come into play when you’re making your final decision, and your coworking space tour is the perfect time to find out more about them.  Do members have to pay for things like Wi-Fi, parking, and printing and mail services, or are some/all of those items included in the membership fee?  Make sure you ask your tour guide about other additional perks for members, including things like mentoring services, happy hours, fitness classes, and discounts on business tools and software.  All of these bonuses can factor into your final decision.



Location is a very important factor for many folks on the hunt for a new workspace, and your coworking space tour gives you the chance to check out the surrounding area while you’re there.  Does the space share a building with other business, or does it take up its own building?  Would the space be easy for clients or guests to find?  Is it centrally located to things like airports or major highways if you have clients visiting from out of town?

If you’re ready to find out more about HeadSpace Dallas, schedule a tour with us today and we’ll be happy to show you around!