How to Know if Coworking is Right for You

You may have heard about coworking, but are unsure whether it would really work for your business.  How can you tell if it’d be a good fit?  And is it really any better than a home office or traditional office space?  If you’re still on the fence, here’s are some signs that coworking is right for you:


You Want Connections

If you’re working from your home office and finding it difficult to form new business connections (or just meet people in general), you’re not alone.  Loneliness is something freelancers often report struggling with, and unless you actively seek out folks to socialize with, you can end up feeling pretty isolated.  Research shows that even our daily interactions with casual acquaintances contribute to our overall sense of belonging in our communities, so there is something to be said for getting out of the house each day.  A coworking space is the answer many freelancers are looking for – it provides you with a community of like-minded professionals and gives you the human interaction you miss out on when holed up in your home office. 


You Want Opportunities

Another benefit to working alongside other entrepreneurs is greater access to opportunities.  One of the difficulties of working from home is that you may not have easy access to other freelancers with whom you might collaborate on a project.  Coworking helps expand your network and increase your opportunities for potential partnerships and career growth.  Many coworking spaces host things like networking events and panels featuring local entrepreneurs, gatherings that can help you expand your circle even further (and learn something new in the process).


You Want More Space

If you’ve ever tried to run a small business out of your house, you know how quickly the need for more space arises, especially if part of your business involves the fulfillment of physical goods.  While more space may be on your list, leasing an office from a traditional office space can come with a hefty price tag and multi-year lease terms that puts it out of reach for a growing startup with other costs to consider.  Coworking spaces are generally more affordable and have the room which startups and small businesses need to grow, without the long-term contracts, so if you do grow beyond your coworking space, you won’t be stuck.


You Want Support

Coworking spaces have something that traditional office spaces don’t typically have – onsite support staff.  If printer ink is running low or the Wi-Fi is acting up, you have easy access to a coworking space staff member to help you remedy the situation.  This can be especially cost-effective for freelancers and entrepreneurs who may not have the ability to hire an office manager or IT staff as part of their operations.  It’s helpful to know that there will be someone there to assist you should you require it, and this can make the transition from a home office much smoother.


You Want Inspiration

The space in which we choose to work can have a big impact on our productivity and mood.  Do you find that you’re more energized when working around others and can actually stay more focused?  You’re not alone!  Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs and freelancers can be a huge motivation booster, and give you the push you need to take it to the next level.  Coworking provides the perfect setting in which to get inspired and get your mojo back.