How Remote Working Benefits from Coworking Spaces

Coworking has caught on with freelancers and startups, but another group is getting in on the action:  remote workers (and the companies that employ them).  A recent study by Harvard Business Review found that coworking spaces actually have a positive impact on remote workers’ attitudes towards their employers.  Beyond the free WiFi and24/7 access, let’s take a look at the number of other ways in which remote working benefits from the use of coworking spaces.


Prestige and Purpose

Having an official workspace to call your own can bring legitimacy and purpose to your work, and for many remote workers, coworking makes them feel like their work is meaningful.  Harvard Business Review’s study found that remote workers experienced a sense of pride when working from their coworking space.  This pride can also translate to a desire to grow, and remote workers may find themselves inspired by those around them to bring new ideas to the table for their employers.

A coworking space also gives your remote team (and overall company) added legitimacy in the eyes of clientele.  Having a dedicated place to host client meetings is important in maintaining and growing your business, and upgrading from a coffee shop (or even home office) can elevate your company. 



If you’ve ever gotten inspired just by listening to a creative person talk through their ideas, then you know how impactful the people in your environment can be.  Coworking spaces bring together some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds across the country and can give your remote employees the added spark they need to get their creative juices flowing.


Flexibility & Value

More employees than ever want flexibility from their employers, and that flexibility remains important even when working remotely.  Having a say in how, when, and where they work can positively impact a remote team member’s perception of their employers.

Harvard Business Review’s study also found that remote workers felt that their employers truly valued them when they subsidized their coworking memberships.  Isolation remains a challenging aspect of remote working, and your employees may feel like their contribution to the team is not as esteemed when they’re located states away.  Subsidizing their coworking member is a great way to show how much you care about your employees, no matter where they’re located, and can aid in employee retention.



Going back to the sense of purpose idea, coworking spaces also provide a bit of structure.  It’s much easier to avoid distraction and be productive in a place that’s built for work, and the other businesses that share the space can help remote workers to stay on track.  And for remote teams, working from the same location together helps them to collaborate more efficiently.



Another great thing about coworking is the affordability.  For many companies, renting another entirely separate traditional office space can be costly.  Coworking gives you the option to house remote teams for a fraction of the cost, and give them the space needed to host clients or team members from other offices.  And if the remote team grows, you’re not locked into a long-term contract as you would be at a traditional office space.